How to Get Netflix on Nintendo Switch OLED

Although Nintendo Switch doesn't support installing the Netflix app directly, you can still download and play Netflix on Switch with the help of the powerful tool, MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader , to save the videos to common video files at first, then transfer them to Youtube channel on Switch and enjoy the playback ...

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services, and Nintendo Switch OLED is one of the best gaming consoles available on the market. The problem is that the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Netflix natively, but there is a workaround that you can use to enjoy your favorite Netflix shows on your console.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get Netflix to work on the Nintendo Switch OLED:

1. Go to your settings by scrolling down to the internet and then internet settings. From there, select the Wi-Fi you’re currently using.

2. Scroll down to change settings and go to DNS settings.

3. Switch from automatic to manual, and put in the primary DNS, which is

4. Save your settings and connect to the network.

5. Select Google when it pops up, and type “Netflix” into the browser.

6. Select Netflix from the search results and start watching your favorite shows.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy Netflix on your Nintendo Switch OLED. No need to worry about missing your favorite show because you don’t have access to a TV.

Overall, this is a useful trick to know, especially if you’re a big fan of both Netflix and Nintendo Switch. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows on the go or while taking a break from your gaming sessions.


Can I install Netflix on Nintendo Switch?
Once you finish installing Android on your Nintendo Switch, it will essentially act like an Android tablet. This means you can download the Netflix app and others like Spotify and Twitch directly through the Google Play Store.
Can you get Disney and Netflix on Nintendo Switch?
While some fans will argue that Disney Plus can be accessed on the Switch, the console officially does not support the streaming service. This means that users won't be able to download the Disney Plus application directly from their Switch and begin watching any of their favorite shows.
How do I download streaming apps on my Nintendo Switch?
How to Download Streaming Apps on Nintendo Switch. To download any of these apps on your Nintendo Switch, go to the console's home screen and open the Nintendo eShop (the shopping bag icon). If you don't have an internet connection and/or a Nintendo account, you will be guided through the setup process.
Does Switch have streaming apps?
The Nintendo Switch is not just for gaming. Like several electronic devices that have dedicated online marketplaces for apps to download, you can install streaming services so you can watch video content through the console, much like media-streaming players like the Fire TV Stick.