How to Get into Locked WiFi on Xbox 360

If you’re an Xbox 360 user, you might’ve faced a problem where your internet isn’t working on your console while it’s working fine on other devices. This issue is quite common and happens with many users. You might face a message saying, “Your network isn’t working. Please test your network connection” whenever you try to open Xbox Live, play a game, or watch a video. But when you test the connection, it works perfectly fine. So, how can you solve this problem? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to Settings and then press on System.

2. Scroll down to Network Settings and find your network connection.

3. Press on the network that you want to use but isn’t working.

4. Then, choose Configure Network -> Additional Settings -> Restore Factory Defaults.

5. You’ll be signed out of that network and then when you go back, it’s going to scan for wireless networks.

6. Find the network you want to use and enter the password.

7. Test your Xbox Live connection.

Your Xbox Live connection should work fine now, and you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming. Don’t worry if you get disconnected from the internet; it’s part of the process. Just sign in again, choose your avatar, and you’re good to go.

This method should work on any Xbox 360 console, so if you’re facing a similar issue, try this out. Hopefully, this guide has helped you solve your Xbox Live connectivity issues. If you want more videos like this, feel free to comment, but don’t forget to add your video ideas to the comment section. If you want to add the creator on Xbox Live, their gamer tag is mentioned in the video.


How do I unblock internet on Xbox 360?
Check your network password. ... Turn off Wi-Fi encryption. ... Relocate the console. ... Relocate other wireless devices. ... Disable the firewall. ... Check the wireless signal. ... Contact Microsoft technical support.
How do I unblock internet and Xbox Live on Xbox 360?
From the Dashboard, select Settings and then select System.Select Network Settings.Select Wired Network or the name of your wireless network, if you are prompted to do so.Select Configure Network.On the Basic Settings tab, select DNS Settings.Select Manual.Select Primary DNS Server.More items...•
Can you use Xbox 360 without Wi-Fi?
Setting your Xbox to offline Press the Xbox button  on your controller to open the guide. Select Settings >, General >, Network settings. Select Go offline.