How to Get 100 Jumps in Super Mario Odyssey

If you’ve played Super Mario Odyssey, you may have come across the Jump Rope challenge in the Metro Kingdom. Although getting 30 jumps in a row is easy, getting 100 jumps in a row can be a lot harder. In this post, we will discuss some techniques to help you get this particularly nefarious moon.

When you press the jump button in Super Mario Odyssey, the length of time that you hold down the button affects how high Mario jumps. The trick to doing well in the jump rope challenge is to make all of your jumps as short as possible. It’s important to keep your jumps short and try to get into a rhythm that allows you to do the really tiny jumps as many times as required.

Once you get up to 50 jumps, the speed stabilizes and never gets any faster. So, it’s just a case of getting into the rhythm and making sure you get all the way up to 100. Unfortunately, there’s not really a lot else that can be said in terms of help.

However, there is one thing that you can do to make things easier for you. You can get yourself a third-party controller with turbo functionality. Turbo is an old functionality on old controllers where by holding a button down and pressing turbo, the system will see lots of very, very, very quick presses far faster than any human can actually input them. If you have a third-party GameCube controller with turbo kicking around somewhere, it’s well worth using it.

With the recent update, the switch now supports these GameCube adapters for the Wii. If you’re a Gamecube lover, you may have a third-party GameCube controller with turbo kicking around somewhere. By pressing each individual jump with turbo activated, you are putting through the smallest, the shortest signal that the system can recognize, meaning that you will do the shortest possible jump for Mario.

In conclusion, keep your jumps short, get into a rhythm, and use a third-party controller with turbo functionality, if you have one. It’s not worth buying a third-party controller for just one moon in Super Mario Odyssey, but if you’ve got one lying around, it’s well worth using it.