How to Fix Your PC Did Not Start Correctly Errors or Blue Screen Errors

If your computer failed to boot into Windows after restarting, then try the Startup Repair Tool . To use the Startup Repair Tool: From the error screen, click Advanced options >, Troubleshoot >, Advanced Options >, Startup Repair. You'll need to log into your user account, and then allow the tool to do its job.

If you are having trouble with errors or blue screen errors on your Windows operating system, don’t worry, there are a few solutions that can help you fix this issue easily. In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix the “your PC did not start correctly” error message.

First, click on “advanced” and then select “troubleshoot options.” From there, click on “startup repair” and in most cases, the problem will be solved automatically. However, if it is not solved, click on “advanced options” again and select “command prompt.”

In the command prompt, type “c colon” and press enter. Then type “dir” to see if you have the program files and other operating system files under the C drive. If you don’t find this, change the letter to “d colon” and type “dir” to see the files.

Next, type “CD space backward slash Windows backward slash system 32 backward slash config” to enter the config folder. From there, type “MD space backup” and then type “copy space star dot star space backup” to back up and copy the 10 files.

Then, type “CD space ridgeback” to enter the regback folder under the config folder. Type “copy space star dot star space dot” to copy any registry files located there. Finally, type “a” to copy all the files and then type “exit” to exit the command prompt.

If the problem is still not solved, click on “troubleshoot options” again and select “reset this PC.” Choose between “keep my files” and “remove everything,” depending on your needs. Then click on “reinstall Windows from the device” or “cloud download” if you have an internet connection.

It may take up to 30 minutes for the reset to complete, and it will remove all apps and programs that don’t come with your PC. Finally, click on the “reset” button and your PC will be reset.

We hope this tutorial helps you fix the “your PC did not start correctly” error message or blue screen errors under Windows operating systems.