How to Fix Screenshot on iPhone Running iOS 15.1?

Press and hold the Home and Power buttons together for at least 10 seconds , and your device should proceed to force a reboot. After this, your device should work well, and you can successfully take a screenshot on the iPhone.

Have you been facing issues with taking screenshots on your iPhone after updating to iOS 15.1? If yes, then you’re not alone. Many users have complained about the same issue. But don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss some simple solutions to fix this problem.

Firstly, let’s try the standard method of taking a screenshot using buttons. If it doesn’t work, we can try using assistive touch. To do this, go to Settings, open Accessibility, and turn on AssistiveTouch. You will then see a white bubble on your screen. Next, customize the top-level menu, and add the screenshot option. Now, whenever you use AssistiveTouch, you’ll see the option to take a screenshot.

Another solution is to use the back tap feature. If your iPhone has the wireless charging option, you can use this feature by going to Settings, opening Accessibility, and scrolling down to Back Tap. Here, select the double-tap option and choose the screenshot option. Now, whenever you double-tap the back of your device, it will take a screenshot.

If neither of these solutions works, check for software updates. Apple often releases updates to fix bugs and glitches in their devices. To check for updates, go to Settings, select General, and click on Software Update.

If there’s no update available, try rebooting your device. Rebooting can often solve many issues on your phone. To do this, go to Settings, select General, and shut down your device. You can also do it through the buttons on the home screen.

If rebooting doesn’t work, try force restarting your phone. To do this, press the volume up button, release it, then press the volume down button and release it. Lastly, press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears on your screen. This will turn off everything on your device, shutting down the hardware.

We hope these solutions will help you fix the issue with taking screenshots on your iPhone running iOS 15.1. If none of them work, it might be a software issue that Apple will fix in a future update. If not, you can always take your device to the nearest Apple repair store.


How do I fix my screenshot problem?
Open “Settings” menu.Tap Apps.Tap more options icon.Open “Special access” option.Tap “All files access” to check what apps have permissions.Search “Samsung capture” and if the access is not allowed, enable it.
How do you enable screenshot on iPhone?
Hold down the 'Power' button and press the 'Home' button (at the exact same time).If your sound is on, you will hear a camera shutter and see a 'flash' on the screen when you take a screenshot.More items...
Why is my screenshot on iPhone not working?
Storage may be in use," or, "Can't take screenshot due to limited storage space," reboot the device. Use the Android storage manager to free up space. If that doesn't help, try one of the best cleaners for Android phones to clear junk files, or move your files to either cloud storage or an SD card.