How to Fix HDCP Error Spectrum and Enjoy Your Content

Are you experiencing trouble with your HDMI? Do you see a message on your TV stating that you have an HDCP error because the certification has not been accepted and the image cannot be sent to the TV? This can happen with any device that sends an image, such as an Apple TV, cable box, or PlayStation. These devices require HDCP certification, which stands for Hypen with Digital Content Protection.

HDCP is designed to protect content from being copied or shared. For instance, if a producer sells a movie on Apple TV, they might want to prevent people from recording it on a device and then sharing it on the internet. Unfortunately, this can create trouble for those who just want to connect their device to their home theater system and TV.

One issue with HDCP is that it evolves every year. Sometimes, when you connect a newer device to an older one, the HDCP certification is too old and is not detected as valid. If this happens, the device cannot send the image, and you cannot watch a movie.

There are two solutions to this problem. The first is to use component cables instead of HDMI, but this will reduce your image quality. Alternatively, you can use a device like an audio extractor that has HDCP certification. This device allows you to input the HDMI cable and output the image and sound through HDMI, optical cable, or RCA. It passes the HDCP certification from your device to the TV or home theater system, so you can watch your content without any trouble.

Not all devices like this will work, so be sure to research and choose a reliable one. If you’re interested in this solution, we’ve provided a link in the description below.

By following these steps, you can fix HDCP error spectrum and enjoy your content without any interruptions. Thanks for reading!