How to Fix Gauges in Car: Investigating a Chevy Lumina Gas Gauge Issue

If all the gauges in a car suddenly stop working, it's typically due to a broken fuse or faulty wiring. To start troubleshooting, you'll need to locate the fuse associated with the instrument cluster . Once you've identified the fuse, you can inspect it to determine if it has blown or needs to be replaced.

If you’re having issues with your car’s gas gauge, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll take a look at a Chevy Lumina gas gauge issue and how to investigate and potentially fix the problem.

The issue at hand is a gas gauge in a 97 Chevy Lumina that has been stuck at full capacity for about a year. The car’s owner has been relying on the mileage counter and filling up every 200 miles. After doing some research, they discovered that the problem could be either the sender or the gauge itself.

To investigate, the car’s owner decided to start with replacing the gauge before moving on to the sender. To do this, they had to remove the trim behind the wheel and take off the unit that controls the fuel gauge. This process required a screwdriver and Torx 15 size bit, but no special tools.

Once the unit was removed, the car’s owner noticed that the gauges moved when electricity was applied, indicating that the gauge itself was not the problem. Further research revealed that the fuel sending unit is a common issue for the 97 Chevy Lumina, and may require dropping the gas tank to fix.

While this post may not provide a definitive fix for the gas gauge issue, it offers insight into how to investigate and potentially fix the problem. If you’re dealing with a similar issue, don’t hesitate to try these steps and seek professional help if needed.


How do I reset my dash gauges?
Leave it in the first position. While the key is in the ignition, press and hold the instrument panel reset button located next to the odometer or fuel gauge. While pressing the reset button, turn the headlights on. Then turn the key to the second position but do not start the car.
Can you fix a broken instrument cluster?
Yes, the instrument cluster can be repaired. Often this means resoldering the circuit board or replacing the entire cluster. If the issue is small like a wiring harness, connectors issue, interior lights, or only one of the gauges acting up, or just the board being dirty the repair can be less complicated.
What happens when a gauge cluster goes bad?
Most common reported malfunctions include incorrect or total loss of gauge readings, dim or no backlighting, LCD pixelation or no operation and even complete failure to turn on and communicate with the rest of the vehicle.
Can you drive with a bad instrument cluster?
Can You Drive With a Bad Instrument Cluster? A faulty instrument cluster may not prevent you from starting and operating your vehicle as what may seem like normal. However, without a properly functioning instrument cluster, you won't be able to know your fuel levels.