How to Fix “DHCP Server Error” on Xbox One

If you’re an Xbox One user, you might have experienced the “DHCP Server Error” when trying to connect to Wi-Fi or encountered any kind of DHCP error. It can be frustrating, but don’t worry, there are some solutions to fix it.

Here are the two methods that you can try:

Method 1:

1. Go to “Settings.”

2. Click on “General,” then “Network Settings.”

3. Click on “Advanced Settings,” then “Alternate MAC Address.”

4. Click on “Clear” to clear the alternate wireless MAC address.

5. Hit “Reset” after clearing the address, and then restart your console.

This should fix the DHCP error problem in most cases.

Method 2:

1. Go to “System,” then “Console Info.”

2. Click on “Reset Console.”

3. Choose “Reset and keep my games and apps” to avoid installing them again.

4. Once you reset your console, you should be able to connect to Wi-Fi without any DHCP error.

While the second method takes more time, it is a better option to fix the problem. It’s like a factory reset, but you don’t have to install games and apps all over again. Just sign in to your Xbox Live account, and you’re good to go.

In conclusion, if you encounter a DHCP error on your Xbox One, try these methods to fix it. Hopefully, you’ll be able to connect to Wi-Fi without any problem.