How to Fix Alternator Whine in Speakers

Speaker Whine From Alternators You can deal with the problem in one of two ways: Install a noise filter between the alternator and the battery . Install an inline noise filter in the head unit power cable.

Are you experiencing a loud whine in your stereo system when you hit the accelerator? This can be a common issue with newer GM vehicles. While there are many solutions out there, such as wrapping wires around your RCA cables, these solutions often don’t solve the problem. In this post, we’ll show you how to fix this problem once and for all.

The solution lies in a noise filter that works by dissipating the frequency into the ground. This is an easy fix that doesn’t require any complicated filters or other devices. It’s important to note that noise suppression systems should be a last resort, as they rob your system of sound quality and can cut out frequencies, making your stereo system sound worse than it should.

At Custom Works, we recommend the use of a noise filter to solve the problem. We recommend upgrading the wires, so you have the alternator lead coming into the alternator, the part of the noise filter, and the alternator out to where it normally goes. The noise filter is then grounded to the chassis, which takes the frequency and dissipates it into the ground. This is a simple solution that is easy to install and will solve your alternator whine problem.

If you are interested in trying this solution, check out our video library for more information. We have a range of products that can help you achieve the best sound quality possible. We hope this post has been helpful in solving your alternator whine problems.


How do you get engine noise out of speakers?
Option 1: Reconnecting the head unit's power harness.Option 2: Testing your RCA cables.Option 3: Check for a good ground connection.Option 4: Using a ground loop isolator.Option 5: Using an inline power filter.Option 5: Inspecting the amplifier's ground connection.More items...
What causes whining noise in speakers?
The two main causes of a persistent humming or buzzing are: a bad audio cable connected to the amplifier, or. there is electrical noise being passed through an audio cable into the amplifier.
Why does my alternator make a whining sound?
The alternator has several bearings which allow the alternator's rotor to spin freely. If these bearings begin to fail, you will notice a loud whining noise, which will increase when you accelerate or the car is under heavier load.
How do you fix ground loop hum in car audio?
Grounding a head unit to a cigarette lighter instead of the chassis also can introduce a ground loop. The right way to fix the problem is to tear down your sound system and attach the grounds from components like the head unit and amp directly to the chassis in the same place.