How to Filter Google Search by Domain for Reliable Research

Search for a specific site Put " site: " in front of a site or domain . For example, or site:. gov .

When conducting research online, it’s important to find reliable, credible sources. One strategy students can use to achieve this is filtering their search results by a specific domain. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to search by domain and filter results for credible sources.

Let’s say we want to research dinosaurs. If we simply type “dinosaurs” into the search bar, we’ll get over 55 million results, including games, TV shows, and news articles. While these results may be interesting, they aren’t necessarily helpful for research.

To filter our results, we can add a domain search filter. Simply type “site:” followed by the domain you want to filter by. For reliable sources, we recommend using the domain “.edu,” which stands for education. So, our search filter would be “”

When we add this filter, we get a much more focused set of results. We see sources such as and the University of California Museum of Paleontology, both of which are reliable educational sources. Our results went down from over 55 million to 187,000.

Besides “.edu,” we can also use “.gov” for government websites or “.org” for organizations. For example, if we search for “,” we might find sources like the Dinosaur National Monument from the US National Park Service. And if we search for “,” we might see the National Museum of Natural History.

Using domain search filters is a simple yet effective way to filter Google search results for trustworthy sources. To get started, just type “site:” followed by the domain you want to filter by. Give it a try the next time you’re conducting research online and see how it refines your results.


How do I search Google by domain name?
In a Google search, type site: followed by the domain and extension, like Then, include your search, and press Enter. To search by domain extension, type site: followed by the extension, like site:. gov followed by your search, and press Enter.
How do I exclude a URL from Google search?
The URL must be in a Search Console property that you own. ... Open the Removals tool.Select the Temporary Removals tab.Click New Request.Select Next to complete the process.More items...
How do I filter my website on Google?
To add filters: In the Tools bar, click the filter and select an option.To remove filters: In the Tools bar, click Clear.
How do I search for only .org sites?
Use a Google Advanced Search to limit the results to just . org (non-profit), . edu (educational institutions), or . gov (government) websites.