How to Export AAF from Premiere 2022: Tips and Tricks

Exporting audio files can be a tricky process, especially if you’re new to Premiere 2022. In this article, we’ll discuss how to export AAF files from Premiere 2022.

Before you export your AAF file, it’s crucial to ensure that your timeline is in proper shape. It’s important to note that an AAF export will export the entire sequence, not your in and out points. If your sequence clips start right at zero or one hour, you’ll be fine. However, if your actual edit starts later in time, not at zero, then you’re going to get that blank space included in your AAF file.

Suppose you make a reference movie that has the endpoint starting where your actual edit starts. In that case, it will not be in sync with the AAF file since they both start at the beginning, no matter what your setting for in and out is. Additionally, some editors like to stash clips that they might use later at the end of the edit, which will be included in the export. So make sure you clean up the end of your sequence of any clips you don’t want included in the export, and then you’re ready to go and export your AAF file.

To export your sequence as an AAF, go to the File menu, then Export, and select AAF. The recommended settings are no mix-down video, do a tape source, and breakout to mono, which works better for Pro Tools. Leave your audio settings as they come up since that is what your sequence is set at. If you want a little higher quality, set it to 24-bit trim audio files. You don’t want a complete audio file, and set the handles to 120 frames, so you have around four seconds depending on your frame rate.

Once you’ve done that, select a destination for your AAF, and you’re good to go. The AAF media folder will be generated automatically. You’ll find that AAF file, and you’ll want to put that AAF file inside the media folder. This ensures it doesn’t get lost, and that’s where Pro Tools wants it to find your data.

In conclusion, exporting AAF files from Premiere 2022 can be a straightforward process if you follow these tips and tricks. Ensure your timeline is in proper shape, and clean up the end of your sequence before exporting. Use the recommended settings, and put your AAF file in the media folder. Doing so will help guarantee that your audio is exported correctly and is ready to be sent off to your audio post.