How to Execute a Pilot in Titanfall 2

If you’re a fan of Titanfall 2, then you know that melee attacks can be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal. There are 5 different pilot melee attacks that you can use to kill your enemies. The first is your standard punch, which can be performed at any time by hitting the melee button. The second is a kick, which can be performed by hitting the jump button and then the melee button. The third is a running or flying jump kick, which is executed by sprinting, jumping, and then hitting the melee button. The fourth is a sliding uppercut, which can be executed by sprinting, sliding, and then hitting the melee button. The last pilot melee attack is a falling or flying kick, which you can perform by jumping off a roof or using the grapple, and then hitting the melee button.

If you land any of these melee attacks, it’s an instant kill on your enemy. However, it can be tough to time up those flying and sliding attacks, and a good deal of times, you may end up missing and paying the price for it. If you do sneak up on another unsuspecting player and hit the melee button, you will then perform a pilot execution. There are 5 different executions that you can perform, and each one is unique. The first one is the default neckbreaker, and the second is Inner Pieces, which can only be unlocked by performing 50 pilot executions. The other three are Advocate gift unlocks, so the only way to get those is by leveling and then getting lucky.

There are also Titan executions that you’re able to perform on other Titans. You can tell a Titan is doomed when their health bar is displaying as a striped bar. All you have to do is get in range and then hit the melee button, and you will perform the execution. Each Titan has its own special execution, which will destroy the other Titan. If the pilot is still in the doomed Titan, it will kill them as well.

However, you just have to be careful with this because a player could be baiting you in, and once you get enclosed, they could hit that self-destruct and you end up getting blown to bits. Our advice to you is to get into the habit of using your default melee attack when you’re close to another enemy player because if you use that, they have no chance to counter.

In conclusion, melee attacks and executions are a powerful weapon in Titanfall 2 that can give you an advantage in battle. By mastering the different types of melee attacks and executions, you can become a formidable opponent on the battlefield. So, get out there and start practicing!