How to edit Word document on iPad

If you are an iPad user, you might have faced some issues while editing a Word document. In this article, we will show you how to open a Microsoft Word document from Power School learning and how to edit that document either in Google Docs or Microsoft Word and then resubmit it to Google Drive or Power School learning as a submission to an assignment.

First, you need to open up Power School learning and find that document. Once you have found it, you can select it to open it. It will automatically open up Google Drive. From there, you can select Google Docs and start editing the document. However, if the document is in Microsoft Word compatibility format, not all of the features will be available in Google Docs.

In order to have full compatibility as well as minimize issues related to saving the document, you can either convert the document to a Google document or open it up in Microsoft Word. If you choose to convert the document, you can do so by hitting the three dots up in the top right-hand corner and then selecting office compatibility mode. Then select “Save as Google Docs” and you will now have two versions of the document, one in Microsoft Word and the other in Google Docs, both saved in your Google Drive.

If you choose to open the document in Microsoft Word, you can do so by selecting the “Share and Export” option and then selecting “Send a copy.” From there, you can select Microsoft Word and upgrade a copy of the document. You can save it to iCloud Drive and edit it natively in Microsoft Word. Once you are done editing, you can share it and send a copy, send it with another app, or save it back to Google Drive.

If you need to submit the document digitally for an assignment, you can select “Copy to learning” and then select which assignment to hand it in.

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