How to Download Prime Music to Your Computer

If you have purchased music from Amazon Music but prefer to use a different audio player app or transfer your music between devices, you might have found that the music doesn’t appear in your device files. Although your music is downloaded for offline play, it can only be accessed in the Amazon Music app. This is Amazon’s way of keeping you tied to their ecosystem, but there is a solution to download your music so you can use it between different devices and different audio player apps.

To download your music locally to a computer from Amazon Music, follow these steps:

1. Go to and sign into your account.

2. Hover over “Accounts and List” until you get the drop-down menu and look for “Music Library.”

3. If you have the Amazon Music app installed on your device, right-click on “Music Library” or press and hold “Alt” and click on the trackpad. This will bring up a pop-up menu, and you can choose “Open Link in New Tab” to open the web version of the Amazon Music app in a new tab.

4. Look for the headphone icon with “Library” next to it and click on that. This will make a drop-down menu appear, and you can click on “Music.”

5. Look for “Purchase” under “Library” and click on that. This is where all your purchased music is located, and where you can download it.

6. Choose the song you wish to download and click on the three dots on the far right. Then click on “Download.”

7. You might get a pop-up pushing you to download the Amazon Music app for the best experience. Don’t click on the “X,” instead, click on “Download Songs.”

8. Rename your music file and save it to a location on your device. Click on “Save” to save the music file to your device.

One problem with this solution is that you can only download one song at a time, meaning that this process can take a long time. If you have any issues downloading your music from the Amazon Music app, go into your settings and check on your managed devices. If you have too many managed devices, you may have to de-authorize some of them so that you can download your music on a device.

In conclusion, downloading music from Amazon Music to your computer is a simple process. It opens up new possibilities for you to play your music on a different audio player app or transfer it between devices. If you found this guide helpful, please leave a like. If you have any questions or comments, drop them down below. You can also support the content by clicking on the Amazon storefront link in the description below, sharing this guide with someone who might find it useful, or subscribing to the channel.