How to Delete Apps on iPad 2: A Simple Guide

If you are an iPad user, you might have come across the situation where you want to delete certain apps from your device. Whether it’s to free up some space or simply declutter your device, deleting apps is an essential task every iPad user should know. Here are a few ways to delete apps on iPad 2.

1. Tap and Delete

The most common way to delete apps on iPad 2 is by simply tapping and holding the app you want to delete. Once the app starts to wiggle, you will see a little cross at the top left corner. Click the cross, and you will see “delete this exact app.” Press delete, and you are done.

2. Using the Settings

If you want to delete specific apps that are consuming space on your iPad, you can use the settings. Go to General > Storage and iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. Here, you can see all your apps sorted by storage, which they consume on your iPad. You can delete any app right from here.

3. Using iTunes

You can also delete apps from iTunes. If you are updating your iPad or just connected your iPad to your Mac, you will see all the apps in iTunes. Right-click on the app and click delete from the library.

Personally, the first method is the easiest and most convenient way to delete apps. It’s also the most common method used by iPad users.

In conclusion, deleting apps is an essential task that every iPad user should know. It’s an easy process that can free up some space on your device or simply help you declutter your iPad.