How to Delete a Copied Link on iPhone

What to Know The iPhone clipboard saves only one item at a time. Clear it by replacing the item with empty text using an app like Notes. Open Notes and type two spaces into the search field. ... To confirm you've cleared the clipboard, open an app, tap and hold on a blank text field and select Paste.

Copying and pasting are essential functions that we use every day on our iPhones. However, there may be times when we copy something confidential, such as a password, and don’t want it to remain on our clipboard. In this blog post, we will show you how to clear your iPhone clipboard so that sensitive data is not in the paste function.

Firstly, you can clear or reset your clipboard quickly by copying something that is nonsense. For instance, if you copied a password and want to remove it from your clipboard, type something random and then copy it. This new copy replaces your previous copy, and you can use it instead of the sensitive data you copied earlier.

Alternatively, you can use the Shortcuts app to clear your clipboard history. Open the Shortcuts app and tap the plus icon at the top right. Tap “Add Action” and search for “nothing.” Tap on “nothing,” and then search for “clipboard.” Choose “Copy to Clipboard,” and name it “Clear Clipboard.” Hit “Done” and then tap the play button to run the script. You should see a check icon to indicate that it worked.

Now, let’s test it out. Go back to your notes and copy something like the word “barrier.” Then, tap on the shortcut you just created, and it should clear your clipboard. Go back to your notes and try to paste “barrier” again. You should see that nothing pastes because the shortcut copied nothing onto your clipboard.

In conclusion, clearing your iPhone clipboard is simple and easy. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can make sure that sensitive data is not left on your clipboard and can avoid potential security risks.


How do I delete a link I copied on my phone?
Option 1 to Clear the Clipboard Open the clipboard, tap and hold the item, and click on delete. You have to do this for each item.
Where do copied links go on iPhone?
After you copy a URL, it saves to your device's clipboard. To add or paste the URL: Tap the text field. Tap Paste.