How to Delete 3DS Friends: A Step-by-Step Guide

What to Know On your Nintendo 3DS, select the Friend List icon (orange smiley face). On the left side of the Register Friend button, select Settings. Choose Delete Friend Card, then select the Friend Card you want to delete. ... Select Yes or press A to confirm the deletion, or press B to cancel the deletion process.

If you’re a 3DS or 3DS XL user, it’s likely that you’ve added friends to your friend list. However, what do you do if you want to remove one of them? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to delete friends on your 3DS or 3DS XL.

Firstly, head over to the home menu on your console. From there, you’ll need to navigate to the orange smiley face icon which represents your friends list. It’s important to note that you cannot delete friends from the home menu directly, so don’t try holding down the card to see if the delete option pops up.

To remove a friend, head to the top left-hand corner and select “Settings”. Here, you’ll find two options: “Friend notification settings” and “Delete friend card”. Click on the latter, and you’ll be presented with a list of all your friends.

From this list, simply select the card of the friend you’d like to remove. And that’s it – the friend will be deleted from your friend list.

While some users may find this process a bit hidden, it’s clear that Nintendo intended to create a more secure system. By not allowing users to delete friends directly from the home screen, accidental deletion is less likely to happen. However, it’s worth noting that it would have been helpful to have a confirmation step to avoid any accidental deletions.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful in guiding you through the process of deleting 3DS friends. If you’d like to know more about adding friends and finding your own friend code, check out our previous article (link provided in the video description).

So, whether you’re looking to free up space on your friends list or have a change in gaming preferences, removing friends from your 3DS or 3DS XL is a quick and easy process.


How do you delete friends on Nintendo 3DS?
Select your user icon on the HOME Menu to open your user page.Highlight "Friend List" to view a list of your friends.Select a friend to view them or perform the following actions: Best Friends. If you make a user a best friend, they will show at the top of your friend list. Delete Friend.
Can you remove friends on Nintendo switch?
Remove Friend: If you remove a user as a friend, you will also be removed from that user's friend list. Block: Blocked users cannot send you friend requests, and it will be harder to encounter them in online play. Users will not be notified when you block them.