How to Create a Folder in Dropbox: A Beginner’s Guide

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage platform that allows users to store and share files. If you are new to Dropbox, the process of creating a folder and uploading files may seem daunting. However, it is a straightforward process that you can master in no time. In this guide, we will show you how to create a folder in Dropbox and upload files to it.

To start, log in to your Dropbox account. Once you are logged in, you will see two buttons on the top of your screen – one blue and one light grey. We are going to focus on the create button first. Click on it and select the option to create a folder.

You will be prompted to enter a name for the folder. You can also select who can access the folder. You can either keep it private, or you can share it with specific people. Once you have entered the information, click create.

Now that you have created the folder, you can start uploading files to it. To do this, click on the folder, and once inside, click on the upload button. You can either select individual files or an entire folder to upload. Once you have selected the files, click upload, and the files will be added to the folder.

If you want to share a file with someone, click on the file and then click on the share button on the right-hand side of the screen. You can either enter the person’s email address or create a link to share. If you create a link, you can share it with anyone, and they can access the file without needing a Dropbox account.

Creating subfolders is also easy. Once you are inside the main folder, click on the create button again and select the option to create a new folder. Enter the name and select who can access the folder, and then click create.

Navigating between folders is straightforward. The main folder will always be listed first, followed by any subfolders. Clicking on the folder name will take you to that folder, and you can easily navigate back and forth between different folders.

In conclusion, creating a folder and uploading files to Dropbox is an easy process that anyone can master. Whether you want to keep files private or share them with others, Dropbox makes it easy to do so. With this guide, you can now confidently create your own folders and start uploading files to Dropbox.