How to Copy and Paste a Picture onto Another Picture on iPhone iOS 16

Open Photos >, tap and hold the object until you see glowing outline >, Copy >, paste image into another app .

One of the most useful new features Apple included in iOS 16 lets you instantly lift the subject out of a photo, separating it from the background. Once extracted, you can paste, save or drop the cutout wherever you want as a new image, and you can even make it a sticker in messaging apps. Before, you needed to use a third-party app on your iPhone to cut out the subject in the photo, but now you can easily lift and cut out objects in pictures without needing an extra app.

Apple has built the feature into iOS 16, and it works inside photos, files, messages, Safari, and apps that utilize quick look as well as in screenshots. So, in this blog post, we are going to explain how you can take a cutout on an iPhone and change the background or use it for other purposes.

First of all, go to Photos and select the picture that you want to use for this tutorial. Simply long press on the object, and you will see the glow line. Now, you will see two options: copy and share. You can directly share this cutout on any social media application that you want, or you can change the background of any image.

If you want to change the background of any image, simply long press and tap copy. Now, open Notes on your device, open a new note, and long press to paste the cutout that you have just taken. After that, press done. This will save this cutout in the notes app. Again, long press it, and you will get the option to share it. Press that and scroll down and simply tap on save image. Once you do that, this cutout will be saved in your photos app.

To change the background, you can use any app that you want. You can use any background that you already have or even use free backgrounds that are provided by third-party apps. Here, we are going to use Pixart. Tap the add icon in the middle at the bottom, and now you will get a lot of options. Use any free photo or background that suits your cutout.

Once you are here, simply scroll towards right at the bottom. You will see a few options. Simply tap on add photo, and then you have to give access to more photos. Select proceed and select the cutout that you want to use. Press done, and now again, you have to select the cutout that you want to use for which you want to change the background. Tap add in the top right, and you will see that the cutout has been added to the background.

Now, you just need to adjust the shape and size so that it looks real. Take your time, use your skills, and just do whatever you want to change the position if you want or anything that you want to experiment with the picture. Once you think you are done, you can simply tap apply at the top right. This will save the cutout with the background, and you can further make changes by using filters and more effects that have been provided by Pixart or any other third-party app that you are using.

These were some of the ways using which you can use this brilliant photo cutout feature available on iOS 16. We hope you found this helpful. If you have any doubts, issues, or queries on any of our blog posts, let us know in the comment section down below.