How to Connect Roomba to Google Home for Easy Cleaning

Then follow these steps: Open the Google Home app. Tap the plus symbol at the top of the screen. Tap Set Up Device. Tap Works with Google. In the search field, search for your robot manufacturer's name ( i.e. iRobot, Roborock, Ecovac, Eufy) Enter your robot vac's account details to authorize account linking. More items... •

If you own a newer model robot vacuum cleaner by iRobot, such as the Roomba e5/e6 690/890/980 series robots, Roomba i3/i7 and s9 robot vacuum cleaners, or Bravojet M6, you can set up your Google Home voice assistant to control them with ease. This feature allows you to use your Google Home for a variety of cleaning tasks, such as starting or stopping vacuuming, sending your Roomba to its dock, locating your Roomba with an audible sound, making changes to your cleaning schedule, and much more.

To set up this integration, you must first set up your Roomba within the iRobot smart app. Once your Roomba is set up, open the Google Home app and select the plus sign at the top left-hand corner. From here, click on “Setup device” and then “Works with Google.” Search for “iRobot” and select “iRobot Smart Home.” Enter your iRobot account information, click “Login,” and then click “OK” to finish connecting your iRobot account to your Google account.

After linking the accounts, you’ll be presented with any supported Roomba robot vacuums or Bravo robot mops that are linked to your iRobot account. Assign them to different Google Home rooms, and click “Done.” If you make a mistake with your room assignment or move your robot, you can always change the room assignment in the Google Home app at a later time.

Once account linking is finished, you should see a success message on your screen. You can then test out a few voice commands, such as “vacuum the kitchen,” to ensure everything is working properly. One thing to note is that having multiple robots with similar names can cause issues with getting voice commands to work, so make sure each robot has a unique name.

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Can I link Roomba with Google Home?
Your Google Assistant enabled device will indicate when the set-up is complete. After your iRobot® Home account is successfully linked, you can use Google Home to talk to the robot, just say “Hey Google, tell Roomba® to start cleaning.”
Does Roomba 692 work with Google Home?
Does it work with Google and Alexa devices? A. Yes, with voice assistant capability through Google and Alexa devices, the Roomba® 692 Series robots can clean your home at the sound of your voice*.