How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to Windows Click on the Start Menu and go to Settings. Select Devices. Click Bluetooth &, other devices. Slide the Bluetooth switch to On. Click the Add Bluetooth or other devices button and select Bluetooth. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the pairing process.

Have you ever wanted to connect two Bluetooth speakers to your mobile phone and play music at the same time? Well, it’s possible! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect two different Bluetooth speakers, a JBL Extreme 3 and Sony SRS XB 43, to your mobile phone.

First, make sure to power on both Bluetooth speakers and pair them with your mobile phone. For JBL Extreme 3, put it into pairing mode and go into the Bluetooth settings of your mobile phone. Within the available devices, you should locate JBL Extreme 3. Click on it and hit the pair button. You will hear an audible notification that it’s paired.

Next, it’s time to pair your Sony SRS XB 43. Put it into pairing mode again by going into the Bluetooth settings. Within available devices, you should locate SRS XB43. Hit pair button. You will hear an audible notification on the speaker that it’s connected to your mobile phone.

Now, go into the advanced settings of your Bluetooth and click onto the music share button. Within the music share, you’ll get the option to connect both Bluetooth speakers. When both Bluetooth speakers are connected with your mobile phone, you can play any music and hear the sound level doubled up.

The good thing about using this kind of control is that the volume control will happen on both speakers at the same time. However, there are some disadvantages to this setup. First, there is a latency between both of them, so there’s a tiny amount of delay between them. Second, this feature is only available on Samsung for Android mobile phones.

To address the latency issue, you can play with a few options available in the developer area. Access the settings of your mobile phone and look for developer options. You’ll see a couple of options for your Bluetooth, such as the default codec. Make sure to reboot your mobile phone device after changing any setting in the developer option.

In conclusion, connecting two Bluetooth speakers to your mobile phone is possible and can provide a serious sound quality. However, there are also some disadvantages to consider. In the near future, we’ll be putting up a video showing you how to connect more than two speakers wirelessly in a big party mode. Stay tuned!


Can I connect to 2 Bluetooth speakers at once?
On your smartphone or tablet, go to the Bluetooth settings. If your device supports Dual Audio or Multi-Device Connection, you should see an option to enable this feature. Dual Audio allows you to connect two Bluetooth speakers to the same device and play audio through both of them at the same time.
How do I connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to the same source?
Turn on the Dual Audio switch. To use Dual Audio, pair the phone with two speakers, two headphones or one of each, and the audio will play on both devices. It is a perfect technology for connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers.
Can you connect 3 Bluetooth speakers at once?
Use AmpMe to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers There are a few apps that connect multiple Bluetooth devices, including AmpMe, Bose Connect, and Ultimate Ears. AmpMe is the most versatile, as it's not brand-specific, while the Bose and Ultimate Ears apps require the respective company's Bluetooth speakers.