How to Connect Mic and Headphone to One Jack

If you’re wondering how to connect a headset mic to a PC with just one jack, there are a couple of scenarios that could be happening. Firstly, you might have a wired headset that has two connections, one for your microphone and another for your speakers. If that’s the case and you’re trying to connect it to a computer, the best way is to use a converter to convert it from a dual 3.5 millimeter to a single 3.5 millimeter.

You can find a converter on Amazon that has a microphone side on the right, while the green side is for your speakers. These are female ports that you plug into the 3.5 millimeter and then convert it to a single 3.5 millimeter port that can now be plugged into your computer.

On the other hand, if you have a headset that only has a single 3.5 millimeter port, but you need to connect it to your computer that has both jacks, you want to find an adapter that converts your single 3.5 millimeter headset and makes it possible to connect it to your computer.

However, the new standard of headsets is a USB connection or USB-C connection, which is even smaller than the 3.5 millimeter plug. It’s the new standard that everybody’s connecting to. You want to look for a product that actually has the newer technology. If you’re somebody who’s using your headset for work, for zoom meetings, for Microsoft Teams, or Ring Central business calls, we’d highly recommend getting a high-quality headset.

A professional-grade sound would allow you to have a more efficient call with whoever you’re talking to, and it’s going to cause less frustration and be more efficient overall. Our website provides a list of the best headsets that will connect to your computer, and it’s going to include a lot of USB connectivity, wired, wireless, and different wearing styles that are going to work and sound great for your computer.

So, if you’re looking for a headset that’ll connect your computer and not use the 3.5 millimeter port, those are going to be your best bet. We hope you find this information helpful.