How to Connect AirPods to Apple Watch Without Phone

Use AirPods and other Bluetooth accessories with Apple Watch Put your Bluetooth accessory in pairing mode using the instructions that came with it. On your Apple Watch, tap Settings >, Bluetooth. ... Choose your Bluetooth accessory. If asked, enter a passkey or PIN.

If you’re an Apple Watch and AirPods user, you might have wondered how to connect them without having your phone around. It’s great to be able to stream music and podcasts straight from your watch, especially if you go on walks or runs. In this post, we’ll go through the steps to connect your AirPods to your Apple Watch, so you can leave your phone at home.

First, make sure your AirPods are not connected to your phone. If they are, disconnect them. Then, open Spotify on your Apple Watch and tap on the icon showing that you’re playing music from your phone. It will ask you where you want to play it from, and you should select “Spencer’s Apple Watch.” It will then prompt you to choose what you want to listen to it on, and you can choose “AirPods Pro.”

Once you’ve done this, your AirPods should be connected to your Apple Watch, and you’ll see the icon at the bottom of your screen showing that you’re playing music straight from your watch. However, there are some limitations. You’ll need pre-downloaded songs on your Apple Watch or an internet-connected Apple Watch for this to work without your phone.

Overall, connecting your AirPods to your Apple Watch without your phone is simple, and it’s a great way to listen to music and podcasts on the go. Just make sure you have pre-downloaded songs or an internet-connected Apple Watch, and you’re good to go.


Can you connect AirPods straight to Apple Watch?
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Why won't my AirPods connect to my watch?
To make sure that Bluetooth is on, go to Settings >, Bluetooth. If your AirPods are connected, make sure that they're selected as your audio device. If your AirPods appear in the list of devices but they don't connect, go to the next step. Close the lid, wait 15 seconds, then open the lid.