How to Close Apps on Apple Watch Series 7 for Better Performance and Battery Life

Apple Watch - Force-Quit Apps Press the. Digital Crown. to display all apps. Tap the desired app. Press and hold the. Side Button. . When the Power Down menu appears, release the. Side button. . Press and hold the. Digital Crown. until the app goes away and the watch face returns.

If you own an Apple Watch Series 7, you might have noticed that some apps keep running in the background even after you exit them. This can slow down your watch’s performance and drain its battery life unnecessarily. In this blog post, we will show you how to close background apps manually and automatically on your Apple Watch Series 7.

Manually Closing Background Apps

To manually close background apps on your Apple Watch, follow these simple steps:

1. Press the side button on your watch to see all the apps running in the background.

2. Find the app you want to close and slide it to the left.

3. Tap on the “close” icon to close the app.

4. Repeat the process for all the apps you want to close.

Once you have closed all the apps, press the crown icon to go back to the watch face. This will help to save your watch’s battery life and improve its performance.

Automatically Closing Background Apps

If you don’t want to manually close background apps every time, you can set your watch to close them automatically. Here’s how:

1. Press the crown icon to go into the main menu.

2. Look for “Settings” and tap on it.

3. Scroll down to “General” and tap on it.

4. Under “General,” go to “Background App Refresh” and tap on it.

5. Toggle off the kill switch to kill all background running apps. However, this is not very wise because some apps need to keep running in the background.

6. Scroll down and disable individual apps you don’t want running in the background.

For instance, you may not need the App Store, the Calculator, or the Camera Remote running in the background. Disabling these apps will help to save your watch’s battery life and enhance its performance.


Closing background apps on your Apple Watch Series 7 is easy and can significantly improve its performance and battery life. By following the steps described above, you can manually or automatically close background apps that you don’t need running in the background. This will help to reduce the load on your watch’s processor and RAM, and make it run smoothly.


Do I have to close apps on my Apple Watch?
Oftentimes when apps are left open, they keep running in the background and sometimes they crash. This really makes your Apple Watch slow and drains its battery life. One way to improve its performance is to close apps on Apple Watch.
How do I close apps on Apple Watch without the side button?
Press and hold the Digital Crown until the app closes and the screen reverts to the Watch face.