How to Clean DVD Disc: Easy and Quick Ways

A mild solvent, like rubbing alcohol or window cleaner. Use an air puffer to blow dust off the DVDs. Use a soft, dry cotton cloth. ... Dampen the cloth rather than pouring solution directly onto the DVDs. Wipe DVDs in a straight line from the center outward. More items... •

When it comes to cleaning DVDs, Blu-rays, or CDs, there are easy and quick ways to do it. However, you should know that there’s almost nothing you can do about deep scratches except for buffing. But if you want to clean it, the first thing you should do is dust it a little bit. If you have a dust or feather duster, use it to ensure that you get all contaminants, dirt, and little pieces of crud off there. This is important because if you have such stuff on there and you move any cloth over, it’s going to scratch your unit even worse.

The next thing you should do is get some rubbing alcohol spray, preferably that is the best type for this. Once you’re sure you got as much of that crud off as possible, give it a spray. Then, use a paper towel or a cotton cloth to wipe it like this; start from the inside and go outside. Do not be doing this in circular motions. Just do it outwards. Make sure you have a cloth that doesn’t have any sand or anything in it.

This is about as well as you’re going to clean it without getting a disc doctor, a skip doctor, and literally buffing everything down. But this is the first step to fixing a read issue with a disc. It’s the most intelligent and straightforward way to clean a disc.

If you have any really good ideas about how to clean these suckers if you think you have a better idea, let me know. At the end of the day, this is how to clean a disc in the most basic way.

So, if you want to keep your discs in good condition, make sure you follow these steps.


What can I use to clean a DVD disc?
To clean a CD or DVD a microfiber cleaning cloth or cotton based tissue or cloth is recommended. Any materials used should be checked to ensure they are non-abrasive. In most instances water will suffice as a cleaning agent.
Can you use Windex to clean DVDs?
Spray the dvd with Windex glass cleaner. Carefully wipe it dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Your dvd is now clean, and ready for use!
Can you clean a DVD player with alcohol?
Instead, dip a cotton swab or a cotton ball in a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol to clean the lens, then dry it and pop in a working DVD to test it. Besides using just a little rubbing alcohol to clean the lens, you shouldn't use any solvents to clean your DVD player.