How to Charge Your Smartwatch with Your Smartphone

If you own a Samsung Galaxy watch and a compatible smartphone, you can charge your watch wirelessly using your smartphone. This is possible thanks to the reverse charging feature called Wireless Power Share, which, when activated, allows you to charge your smartwatch from the back of your phone.

To activate Wireless Power Share, simply drag your notification panel shortcuts on your smartphone and find the Wireless Power Share shortcut. Click on it to activate the feature. You can find more information about this feature on your smartphone, where you’ll find tutorials on how to use it.

Once activated, you can start charging your smartwatch with your smartphone. Hold your phone with the back facing up, and then place your smartwatch on the back of your phone. Keep in mind that you need to align the center of your smartwatch with the center of your smartphone, or you’ll get a message asking you to move your watch to the center of your phone to charge it.

It’s important to note that the charging area is relatively small, so you need to be careful when placing your smartwatch on the back of your phone. However, charging is very fast with devices like the Galaxy watch, and it takes only one hour to fully charge.

This feature is especially useful when you’re on the go and don’t have your smartwatch charger with you. You can use your smartphone to charge your watch as long as you have enough battery power. This wireless charging method is also convenient because it charges your smartwatch at the same speed as its original charger.

In conclusion, the Wireless Power Share feature is an impressive feature that allows you to charge your smartwatch with your smartphone. It’s easy to use, and it saves you the trouble of carrying around your smartwatch charger. All you need is a compatible Samsung smartphone, and you’re good to go.