How to Change Your Voice on TikTok

It's easy! Record your voice as you normally would on TikTok and then continue to the editing screen. Select the “Voiceover” button in the corner to record a voiceover and then play around with TikTok's voice changer effects.

Have you ever wanted to change your voice on TikTok? There are different ways to do it, but in this blog post, we will cover the native way of changing your voice using the stock options available on TikTok.

First, you need to click the plus button at the bottom of your TikTok page to record your voice. If you are looking for a specific effect, you can search for it in the effects button. However, in this case, we will use the stock way of changing your voice.

After recording your voice, click on the checkmark to enter the editing page. On the right side, you will see a dropdown with different options. Click on audio editing and then on microphone to access the different options for changing your voice.

You can choose from several options, including electronic, to change your voice. You can select the one that best suits your needs and click save to keep your changes. Finally, click next to post your TikTok with your new voice.

That’s it! Follow these steps to change your voice on TikTok easily. If you have any questions or thoughts, let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to hit the like button, and if you want to see more content like this, subscribe to our blog.


Can you change your voice on TikTok live?
Once in TikTok Live Studio you just need to go to the Audio Settings and select Microphone Voicemod Virtual Audio Device as your input device. And you're done! Try to stream with your voice changed and have some laughs with your followers.