How to Change Password in Outlook 365

If you are an Outlook 365 user, changing your password is an essential part of maintaining your email security. However, Microsoft makes changes to their settings frequently, which can make the process confusing. In this post, we will walk you through the steps to change your password.

First, open your Outlook email on your computer and click on “File” and then “Account Settings.” From there, you will see an option to access your Outlook through the web. Click on the link, which in this case is, but it may be different for you.

Once you are on the web portal, select the “Account Manager” option for your email and click on “My Microsoft Account.” This will take you to a new page where you will see a “Security” tab and the option to “Change Password.”

Click on the “Security” tab first if you want to make additional adjustments to your email’s security settings. Then click on “Change Password” to create a new password. You will need to enter your current password and then write your new password twice. After that, click on “Save” to save your new password.

You also have the option to select “Make me change my password every 72 days.” This means that you will receive an email reminding you to change your password every 72 days. This is a helpful feature to keep your email secure.

If you use Outlook email from your company, you may need to contact your company’s IT department to reset or change your password.

In conclusion, changing your password in Outlook 365 is a simple process, and it is essential to ensure that your email is secure. Follow these steps, and your password will be updated in no time.