How to Change Keyboard on Apple Watch

How do I change keyboards on my Apple Watch? On Apple Watch, open Settings >, Accessibility >, VoiceOver >, Keyboards. Put keyboard in pairing mode, then scroll down to the Devices section and select your keyboard .

If you have an Apple Watch and you want to change the keyboard or the language, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explain how to change both the language and input method of the keyboard on your Apple Watch.

Language Change

If you want to change the keyboard language on your Apple Watch, you cannot do it directly from the device. Instead, you need to use the iPhone paired with your Apple Watch.

First, go to the settings on your iPhone and tap on the “General” section. Then, select the “Keyboard” option. Here you can see the currently installed languages, and you can add new ones. You can search for any language you want and add it easily. Once you have added a new language, it will appear on your Apple Watch.

Input Method Change

If you want to switch to a different method of typing on your Apple Watch, swipe up on the keyboard view and select the input method you want. You can choose from scribble, English, and dictation. If you don’t see the keyboard method or different dictation, you need to play around with the languages.

The best option is to edit the English language since it is the most versatile and works with pretty much every input method. Keep in mind that not every language supports all input methods, so it’s essential to check which ones are available for your language.

In conclusion, changing the keyboard language and input method on your Apple Watch is straightforward once you know where to look. We hope this article has been helpful to you, and you can now enjoy using your Apple Watch in your preferred language and input method.


How do I change from scribble to keyboard on Apple Watch?
If you don't see the keyboard, swipe up from the bottom, then tap the Keyboard button.
How do I change my Apple keyboard?
Go to Settings >, General >, Keyboard >, Keyboards. Tap a language at the top of the screen, then select an alternative layout from the list.
How do I get qwerty keyboard on Apple Watch?
How to access the Qwerty keyboard. If your device is an Apple Watch Series 7, Series 8, or Ultra and you are running the latest watchOS, the Qwerty keyboard should function automatically. Check to see if you need to update your Apple Watch, and do so if needed. Open the Messages app and tap New Message.
How do I make the keyboard bigger on my Apple Watch Series 7?
Touch and hold the bottom of the screen, then swipe up. , then turn the Digital Crown to adjust.