How to Change Folder Icon in Windows

Right-click the folder and select Properties. Go into the Customize tab at the top of the window, and then choose Change Icon from the bottom. Scroll through the list to find an icon to use. Choose OK on a selection when you've decided.

Windows can sometimes seem a little restricting, especially when it comes to the interface. One thing that often bugs gamers is finding things on their desktop. While there are ways to fix this, finding one particular folder can still be annoying. However, believe it or not, Windows has a solution to this: custom folder icons.

The generic folder icons present in every copy of Windows can actually be overridden to pretty much any image or art. Unfortunately, you will lose the feature that gives you a tiny glimpse of what’s inside. But when there are tons of folders anyway, most of it all just kind of blends in together, and it only shows you a couple of files that are in it anyway. But now it can be changed, and it won’t just change on your desktop either – it actually changes everywhere that that particular folder icon appears in the user interface.

So how do you do it? First, you’re going to need to have the new icon you want unless you’d like to use one of the options that come with Windows, but of course, that’s lame. What you want to do is just go ahead and head to Google, and you’re looking for .ICO files. You can just type in something like “folder icons” in Google Images, or even something more specific. For example, if you’re updating the icon on the game folder, you can type in “gaming icon folder.”

Either way, it’s pretty simple. All you want to do is go ahead and right-click and save it, just like you would any other image file. But first, make sure it’s a .ICO file, and make sure that you’re not going to save it in a place where it could accidentally get deleted. Then go over the icon that you want to change, right-click, and go to properties. Then over to the customize tab, click change icon, then browse and find your icon, and there you go!

Now you have a new folder that’s far easier to separate from the others. While that does it for today’s article, if you like this type of content where we show you how to customize something, whether it be software or hardware, let us know, and we’ll work on more. Thanks so much for reading, and as always, have a great day!


How do I change the icon picture on a folder?
Windows 10 Instructions Right click on the folder and select the "properties" option. Click on the "customize" tab. Scroll down to the folder icon section at the bottom and select "Change Icon." Choose a different pre-installed icon OR upload an icon of your choosing.
How can I change folder icon in Windows 10?
Changing a folder icon is similar to the above process: to begin, right-click the folder you'd like to change and choose Properties. On the resulting window, switch to the Customize tab. Select the Change Icon button at the bottom to select a new icon from your computer.
How do I change folder icons on Mac?
Select the file or folder whose icon you want to replace. Choose File >, Get Info in the menu bar. At the top of the Info window, click the small icon. Choose Edit >, Paste in the menu bar.
How do I change folder icons in iOS?
In the Shortcuts app on your iOS or iPadOS device, tap in the upper-left corner of the screen.Touch and hold a folder in the Folders area.Tap Edit Name and Icon.Enter a new name and choose a new icon.Tap Save.