How to Buy Nook Books on My iPhone: Barnes & Noble’s Changes to Audiobooks

Barnes & Noble’s audiobooks ecosystem is undergoing major changes, and here’s a rundown on everything you need to know. Since 2014, Barnes & Noble has been selling audiobooks, with their catalog boasting around 100,000 titles. These audiobooks have been available on the Nook Audiobooks app for Android or iOS, as well as through a dedicated website called

However, Barnes & Noble is now shutting down the website and closing the main Nook Audiobooks app. This doesn’t mean they’re getting out of the audiobook game, though. Instead, they’re incorporating the entire audiobook catalog into the main Nook app. This app is already installed on smartphones and tablets, and allows users to read ebooks, magazines, newspapers, and digital manga. In the next few weeks, audiobooks will be added to that list.

Moreover, Barnes & Noble has created a new audiobook retail experience that’s incorporated into their main website. Users can visit to get a feel for what’s in store. However, this system isn’t live yet. Barnes & Noble will be emailing all previous audiobook purchasers within the next two to three weeks, letting them know about the upcoming changes. They’ll also post a fact sheet on their website to guide users on how to listen to and purchase audiobooks in the future. This guide will cover both their main website and the Nook app, as well as provide information on the imminent closures of the Nook Audiobooks app and the old website.

What do you think about these changes? Let us know in the comments below. With these changes, Barnes & Noble is making it easier for users to buy Nook books on their iPhone.