How to Burn a DVD to Play in a DVD Player

Burning videos to DVD is a great way to enjoy them on any DVD player or TV. If you’re not sure how to do it, don’t worry – it’s easier than you might think. In this post, we’ll show you two methods for burning videos to DVD.

The first method is to use Videobyte DVD Creator. This is a professional and simple tool that helps you easily burn videos to DVD without losing quality. To get started, download and install Videobyte DVD Creator and launch it. Then, select DVD disk or Blu-ray disk and click “Add files or folders” to add the files you want to burn.

At the right side of the interface, you’ll see a magic stick icon. Click on it to edit and add subtitles and watermarks to the video. At the bottom of the interface, you can choose the DVD type and adjust the aspect ratio and video quality as needed. Press the “Next” button at the bottom right corner to design your DVD menu. You can choose different topics or click custom mode to create the DVD menu that you want.

After everything is set up, insert the DVD into your computer’s DVD drive and click the burn button. A settings window will pop up – set it according to your needs and finally click “Start”.

The second method is to burn using Windows. Insert the DVD into your computer’s DVD driver, find the files you want to burn, and right-click on the file or folder. Select the “Send to” option and then select “DVD RW drive”. Right-click on empty space in the driver window and select “Next”. It will start to burn. But be aware that if your file format is not compatible with your DVD player, it may not be able to play the video.

The burning process is complete when your CD pops out automatically. It’s that easy! Now you can enjoy your videos on any DVD player or TV.

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