How to Block YouTube on Amazon Fire Tablet: Tips for Managing Content

Follow these steps to block access to YouTube on your Fire tablet: Open the Settings. Select Parental Controls. Tap the Parental Controls toggle switch. Enter a password and select Finish. ... Tap Amazon Content and Apps. Tap Apps &, Games. ... Scroll down and tap Web Browser to change it from Unblocked to Blocked. More items... •

If you’re a parent, you know how important it is to limit your child’s screen time. However, with endless apps and content available, it’s easy for children to get overwhelmed and distracted. One popular tablet for kids is the Amazon Fire Tablet, but how do you control and limit content on it?

Here are a few tips for managing content on an Amazon Kids Tablet:

1. Use Flight Mode: This disables downloads and only allows access to apps that are already downloaded. If you turn on Flight Mode before downloading any apps, you can select only the ones you want. Alternatively, if you already have apps downloaded, you can remove unwanted apps and then turn on Flight Mode to only show downloaded apps.

2. Remove Content: In the settings, you can go to “Manage Storage” and “View Content” to remove unwanted apps. You can also go to “Remove Content” to remove specific Amazon Kids Plus items. However, this can be a tedious process if you want to remove a lot of apps.

3. Manage Your Subscription: If you don’t want any Amazon Kids Plus content, you can remove your subscription and use a regular kids account. Then, you can add only the content you want through the parent profile. This provides a very curated experience for your child and saves you money.

Ultimately, the best way to manage content on an Amazon Kids Tablet depends on your preferences and needs. Consider what apps and content are important for your child’s learning and entertainment, and limit what is unnecessary. With these tips, you can take control of your child’s screen time and create a safe and enjoyable experience for them.


Can you block YouTube on Amazon Fire?
Yes, you can easily block YouTube or any other app of your choice. The latest Fire OS versions come with parental controls, and that lets users block apps temporarily. By using parental controls, you can also restrict the content you don't want your kids to watch.
Can you block YouTube from Amazon Fire kids?
Create an Amazon Kids child profile and select which apps and content are available to that profile. Block access to content on the device (for example, "Apps and Games," "Books," and "Music") by going to Amazon Content and Apps menu under Parental Controls and selecting the button next to each category to say Blocked.
How do I block an app on my Amazon Fire tablet?
From your Fire Tablet home screen, tap on the Settings app or swipe down from the top and tap on the settings icon.Tap on Parental Controls.Here you can create or manage household profiles (including for children) or toggle on Parental controls.