How to Attach a File to Yahoo Email

Attach or share files Click Compose. Click the Attach Files icon . Locate and select the file to attach. Click Open.

Attaching a file to an email is a common task that most people need to perform on a regular basis. If you’re using Yahoo Mail, the process is quite simple. In this post, we’ll show you how to attach a file to an email in Yahoo Mail.

First, you need to be in your Yahoo Mail account and be in the process of writing an email. Once you’ve typed in the recipient’s email address and composed your message, it’s time to attach a file. Look for the paperclip icon, which is the universal symbol for attaching a file. Click on it to begin the process.

When you click on the paperclip icon, a dialog box will appear. This box will show you the folders on your computer where you can find the file you want to attach. By default, Yahoo Mail may show your desktop as the first folder, but if your file is not there, don’t worry. Look for the left-hand side of the dialog box, where you will see a list of folders. Click on the name of the folder where you stored the file you want to attach. This could be your Downloads folder or any other folder on your computer.

Once you have found the file, click on it to select it. Then click on the “Open” button. This will attach the file to your email. The recipient will be able to see the attachment when they receive your email.

It’s important to note that the maximum size limit for attachments in Yahoo Mail is 25MB. If your file is larger than this, you may need to use a cloud-based service like Dropbox or Google Drive to share the file with your recipient.

In conclusion, attaching a file to an email in Yahoo Mail is a simple process. Just look for the paperclip icon, find the file you want to attach, and click on it to attach it to your email. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get the most out of Yahoo Mail or other technology services, check out the resources available at


Why can't I attach a file in Yahoo Mail?
File Limitations For instance, if your attachment has a name that includes hashtags, dollar signs, or slashes, the mail won't attach it. If you see that your file name has punctuation marks or any other symbol instead of a letter, remove them. Also, the total message size that Yahoo accepts is up to 25 MB.
How do I attach multiple files to Yahoo email?
Log in to Yahoo Mail and select Compose to open a new email message.Select the Attach Files icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the message window.Navigate to the folder you want to attach and select open. Be sure to select the folder with the . ... Complete and send the email message.