How to Airplay from iPhone to TV?

Airplay is a great feature that allows you to stream content from your iPhone to your TV. This feature is particularly useful if you want to share photos or videos with family members or even stream content from websites like YouTube. In this post, we will discuss how to use Airplay to stream videos from your iPhone to your TV.

The first step to using Airplay is to ensure that both your iPhone and TV are connected to the same network. Although not all smart TVs are compatible with Airplay, you can still use Airplay with Roku stick or Apple TV 4K. Unfortunately, you cannot use Airplay on a Fire TV stick unless you add a third-party app. However, Amazon’s newer Fire TV supports Airplay, so you can use Airplay if you have any of these TVs.

To view photos and videos from your iPhone on your TV without mirroring your entire phone screen, select the video you want to play on your TV from your camera roll. Then tap on the share button and scroll down to choose Airplay. Finally, select the TV that you want to play the video on, and within seconds, the video will start playing on your TV.

You can also use Airplay for screen mirroring, which means that you can watch anything that’s displayed on your phone screen on your TV. To do this, go to your control center by swiping down on the top right of your screen and select screen mirroring. Then choose the TV that you want to view the iPhone media on, and within seconds, your iPhone screen will be mirrored on your TV.

When you use Airplay, the media’s video and audio will play on your TV, not your phone. You can control the volume, pause, play, or skip from your iPhone.

In conclusion, Airplay is a fantastic feature that allows you to stream content from your iPhone to your TV. Whether you want to share photos, watch videos from your camera roll, or stream content from YouTube, Airplay makes it easy to do so.