How to Adjust Width of Columns in Excel

Set a column to a specific width Select the column or columns that you want to change. On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Format. Under Cell Size, click Column Width. In the Column width box, type the value that you want. Click OK.

If you work with Microsoft Excel, you know that adjusting the width of columns and rows is vital to make your spreadsheets more organized and readable. There are several ways to adjust the width of columns in Excel, and in this tutorial, we will cover the most efficient methods.

1. Using the Mouse

To adjust the row height, click on the row you want to modify, hover your mouse at the end, and click there. You can then drag it to resize the row height. To adjust the column width, go to the column, select it, hover your mouse at the corner, and click it. You can then drag it to resize the column width.

2. Using the Keyboard

To adjust the row height, select the row you want to modify and double-click at the end of the row. If you want to adjust the column width, you need to write something inside it. After that, hover your mouse at the edge of your column and double-click to adjust the column width automatically.

3. Using the Menus

You can also adjust row height and column width using the menus. Go to the “Home” tab, click on “Format,” and select “Row Height” to change the row height. To auto-fit the row height, select “AutoFit Row Height.” You can also change the column width by selecting “Column Width” and auto-fit the column by selecting “AutoFit Column Width.”

4. Changing the Default Width and Height

You can change the default column width and row height by selecting the “Default” option in the “Format” menu. When you change the default values, all new columns and rows will have the adjusted size.

5. Copying Column Width

If you want to copy the column width of one column and paste it to another, you can do that easily. Select any cell in the column you want to copy, click on “Copy,” right-click on the target column, go to “Paste Special,” and select “Keep Source Column Width.”

These are the most efficient ways to adjust the width of columns in Excel. Whether you use the mouse, keyboard, or menus, you can make your spreadsheets more readable and organized.


How do you AutoFit column width?
To AutoFit column width, select one, several or all columns on the sheet, go to the Home tab >, Cells group, and click Format >, AutoFit Column Width. To AutoFit row height, select the row(s) of interest, go to the Home tab >, Cells group, and click Format >, AutoFit Row Height.
How do I change column width in Excel without affecting other cells?
Use AutoFit To enable AutoFit, start by clicking on a cell in the row or column you want to change. Then, click on the "Home" menu button. In the "Cells" section, click on "Format." In this drop-down menu, both "AutoFit Column Width" and "AutoFit Row Height" are available.
What are three ways to change the column width in Excel?
Adjust Column Width with Mouse.Set Column Width to a Specific Number.Set Column Width by Right-Click.Adjust Column Width by AutoFit Option.Setting the Default Width of Columns.Point to Remember.