How to Add Widgets on Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

Add widgets Step 1 of 4. On the Home screen, touch and hold an empty space. Step 2 of 4. Tap Widgets. Step 3 of 4. You'll find widgets for apps installed on your phone. To add one to your Home screen, touch and hold a widget. ... Step 4 of 4. You can now find info from your apps on your Home screen.

Do you want to add a widget to your Android home screen? If you’re using Android Ice Cream Sandwich or later, the process is a little different from previous versions of Android.

To get started, tap the app launcher on your home screen and go to the widgets tab. From here, you can choose the widget you want to add. Let’s say you want to add the bookmarks widget. Press and hold on the widget, then drag it onto the home screen you want it to appear on.

One of the great things about Ice Cream Sandwich is that it allows you to resize widgets. If the widget you added is one that can be resized, you can do so easily. Just press and hold on the widget until it is highlighted by a blue outline. Then, you can move it around to resize it.

Once you’re happy with the size and placement of your widget, tap on it and you’re done!

Adding widgets to your Android home screen is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. With this guide, you can easily customize your phone to suit your needs. For more cell phone news, reviews, and how-tos, be sure to visit


Why can't I add widgets to my home screen?
There are cases when errors appear when using widgets: they often disappear from your home screen, freeze, or simply don't load. If you could not add a widget, most likely there is not enough space on your home screen. There are two options yo resolve this issue: free up space or create a new desktop.
How do I add a live widget to my home screen?
You can get live news updates and favorite topics information and upcoming events. Hold the empty screen area for a moment then select widgets from the below menu. Search for Google Discover then long-press it and drag it to the home screen and drop it anywhere on the home screen.
How do I get good widgets on Android?
Download your favorite widget app from Google Play Store (we list our favorites later in this article). Now, you be greeted with a few options, choose widgets. Once done, just scroll down until you find the widget of the app you just installed on your android smartphone.