How to Add Image to Yahoo Signature 2022

Go to the picture at the host site in a browser, right-click (or Control-click), then select Copy from the menu. Position the cursor in the signature box where you want the image to appear. Right-click and select Paste to place the image in the signature box. Choose Save when you're finished with the signature.

Using a signature on your Yahoo email can make your emails look professional and add a personal touch. However, adding an image to your Yahoo signature can be a bit tricky. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use HTML signature on your Yahoo email properly and add an image to it.

First, it’s essential to note that to use HTML email signature on your Yahoo mail, use the Firefox browser. If you don’t have it installed, download and install it. Do not use Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or any other browser as they maintain the code and add underlying to the linked texts.

After installing the Firefox browser, double click on the file to open it on Firefox. If it’s not set as default, right-click and select open with Firefox. Then press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C or Command+A and Command+C respectively to copy the signature.

Next, go to Yahoo mail by resetting it at You’ll see a page like this. Then go to the setting, more setting, and writing. Here, enable the signature by clicking on the button. Click on the signature box and press Ctrl+V or Command+V depending on the operating system you use. After pasting the signature, there is no additional save button. It will be saved automatically.

After that, click back to the inbox and then click compose. Your signature will appear automatically.

After installation, you can use the signature with any other browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or anything else. However, it’s essential to note that during installation, use the Firefox browser.

In conclusion, adding an image to your Yahoo signature is easy if you follow the above steps. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you.


How do I personalize my signature in Yahoo Mail?
Click the Settings Menu icon. | select More Settings.Click Writing email.Click the Toggle button. to enable or disable a signature for your email address.Enter or edit your signature in the text box.
How can I add an image to my signature?
In the text area of your signature, click on the "Insert Image" button.Click on “Upload” then “Select a file from your device”, then find the image you want to use from your computer. ... Once you're happy with your signature, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
How do I add social media icons to my Yahoo email signature?
Yahoo Mail Signature Generator by WiseStamp Go to the Templates tab >, Choose a designed template. Go to the Social tab >, add social media icons and links.