How to Add a Second YouTube Channel

Adding a second channel to your account. Make sure you're signed into YouTube (or Google) Go to the YouTube channel switcher. Click “Create a new channel” Enter the name of your new channel. Click “Create”

Are you already an experienced YouTuber who wants to create a second YouTube channel? In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating an additional channel on the same Google account.

First, go to and sign in to your Google account by clicking the “Sign In” button. Choose the account you want to use to create a second channel. Keep in mind that you can have multiple YouTube channels under the same Google account.

Once you’re logged in, you will see your channel icon at the top right corner of the page. Click on it to view the drop-down menu. Select “Settings” from the menu. Please note that the settings menu has recently changed and is now located in the top right corner of the screen.

After clicking on “Settings,” you will be redirected to Here, you can see all your channels and create a new one. If you want to go directly to this page, the URL is

To create a new channel, click on the “Create a new channel” button. You will then be prompted to create a brand account. A brand account can have a different name than your personal accounts, and you can change it in the future. Enter the name of your new channel and click “Create.”

Once your channel is created, you can customize it by clicking on the “Customize Channel” button. You can upload your profile icon and channel art and start publishing videos. We recommend that you customize your channel before uploading any videos.

In the video accompanying this article, the channel creator made a channel about useful iOS apps called “App of the Day.” You can visit this channel and see how it was created from scratch.

Overall, creating a second YouTube channel is a quick and easy process, and it can be replicated to create as many channels as you want. We hope you found this guide helpful, and we wish you success with your new channel.


Why can't i add a second YouTube channel?
If this happens, it means your YouTube app is out of date. You can try one of these options to create your channel: Update to the latest version of your YouTube app and try again to create a new channel. Using a computer, create a new channel on YouTube using a web browser.