How to Access Private Relay on Your Apple ID Email

The latest iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and MacOS Monterey from Apple comes with iCloud Private Relay. This feature is included in iCloud Plus and helps prevent networks and websites from collecting information about your browsing activity. It is designed to protect unencrypted app usage, ultimately making your browsing experience more private.

When you connect to the internet, your device uses various networks like your home Wi-Fi or the local coffee shop internet when you’re on the go. However, when browsing without Private Relay, networks and websites have access to your IP address, which identifies your device and location. They can also see what sites you visit, which makes it possible for them to build a digital profile of your location and browsing activity.

Private Relay provides a more private way to browse by separating this information. It uses an innovative internet relay system, acting as a connector between your device and the website you visit. The first internet relay only knows your IP address, not the website you want to visit. The second internet relay only knows where you’re going, not your original IP address. Instead, it assigns a new Private Relay IP address that just shows your general location like the city you’re in. There isn’t a point along the way where your identity can be combined with your browsing activity, so your privacy is protected.

To turn on Private Relay, simply open your settings, tap your name, and then iCloud. Next, tap on Private Relay and toggle the switch to turn it on. Once you’re using Safari, Private Relay is designed to be always on and completely transparent, protecting your browsing without you noticing any difference. Just keep browsing, and that’s it!

It’s important to note that iCloud Private Relay is not available in all countries or regions. Without access to your IP address, some websites may require extra steps to sign in or access content.

Protect your privacy when browsing the web using Safari in a more secure and private way by turning on Private Relay on your Apple ID email.