How Old Is This Tablet? Eight Ways to Repurpose Your Old Android Device

If you have recently replaced your old Android tablet with a new one, don’t throw away the old device just yet. Despite having little resale value, there are multiple ways to repurpose the old tablet and give it a new lease of life. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1. Android Alarm Clock: Turn your old tablet into an alarm clock by downloading an alarm clock app. Customize the alarm to wake you up, and install a weather alert app to wake you up in case of an emergency.

2. Interactive Calendar and To-Do List: Use Google Calendar or another task management app to display an interactive calendar and to-do list. Put the old tablet in the living room to keep household members up to date and on schedule.

3. Digital Photo Frame: An old Android tablet works great as a digital photo frame. Set it up to display a slideshow from Google Photos, Flickr, or another photo sharing service and display those photos around your home.

4. Mirror: If the tablet has a front-facing camera, it can also work as a mirror.

5. Kitchen Assistant: Use apps such as All Recipes to display recipes while you cook. The old tablet can also be used to stream radio from apps such as Pandora or Slacker Radio.

6. Home Automation: Use your old Android tablet as a central hub to control your home’s smart devices, such as lights and thermostats.

7. Universal Streaming Remote: Repurpose your tablet as a universal remote that won’t get lost in the couch cushions. You can control your media from any room because most of these remotes work over Wi-Fi.

8. Ebook Reader: Download your favorite ebook reader and set up the tablet to launch the app by default.

If none of these options appeal to you, consider donating or recycling your tablet. Charities such as Cell Phones for Soldiers, Rainforest Connection, and Medic Mobile can put your tablet to work again while doing some good.

When repurposing your old tablet, make sure to get a stand or mount it on the wall if you’re turning it into a clock or a digital picture frame. Ensure there’s room to plug the device into the charger wherever you choose to put it.

In conclusion, an old Android tablet doesn’t have to be useless. With a little creativity, it can be transformed into a useful device that serves a new purpose.