How Much is FitCoach App? A Personal Opinion

Fit Couch Fitness Couch and Diet is an app that offers workout programs, meal plans, weight loss articles, and other similar content. Upon first glance, the app looks really nice and seems like a good investment for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and diet. However, upon delving deeper into the reviews of the app, it is evident that there are several issues with it.

One of the main issues with the app is that customers who have already paid for it cannot log in to access the content that they have purchased. This is a significant problem as it defeats the purpose of paying for an app in the first place. Additionally, the app has an unfair trial program, which can result in the app trying to charge you for a one-year subscription after the trial period ends – a charge that is over $100.

While many people are willing to pay for quality content, the app seems to have several bugs that need fixing. Many users have reported experiencing constant glitches that prevent them from accessing workout programs. Moreover, the customer service definitely needs improvement, as there are several reports of people being unable to cancel their paid subscription.

To address these issues, the developers of the app should consider implementing a completely free trial for one or two weeks, with no unexpected payments at the end of the trial period. This would allow people to get an idea of whether the app is worth their money before they pay for it. If the developers do not make these changes, it is likely that the reviews of the app will continue to be overwhelmingly negative.

Of course, if you want to try the app yourself, go ahead and do it. Who knows, maybe the app developers just made a marketing mistake that they regret, and the app will become much better in the future. However, for now, the app needs some improvement. It’s just my personal opinion.

If you have used Fit Couch Fitness Couch and Diet, please share your own review of the app in the comments. Your input can help people understand whether the app is worth the time and money or not. Thank you for your attention, and I hope that this information will help you in some way. Goodbye!