How Much Data Does Google Hangouts Voice Call Use?

Google Voice and Hangouts is a great service that offers a free phone number for free unlimited talking and texting. However, since you need an internet connection to use it, you may want to know how much data it uses. In this blog post, we will discuss the amount of cellular data Google Voice and Hangouts use for making calls and sending texts on the iPhone.

To test how much data Hangouts uses, we first went to the settings application, cellular data tab, and reset the cellular data usage statistics. We then sent and received 100 text messages to the Hangouts application. The total data usage for this was 1.2 megabytes, which is about one megabyte to send and receive 100 text messages. This means that you can send 200 messages at the 160 character limit and only use one megabyte of data. Thus, if you use Google Voice and Hangouts to send and receive messages, you can have unlimited texting with very low data usage.

To test how much cellular data Google Voice and Hangouts use to make a phone call, we made a 30-minute call and found that it used 20.2 megabytes of data. This translates to 40 megabytes per hour of talking, which is about 0.67 megabytes per minute. Therefore, if you use Hangouts for voice calls, you should be mindful of the time spent on calls to avoid excessive data usage.

In conclusion, Google Voice and Hangouts offer a great service with low data usage for texting and reasonable data usage for voice calls. If you are looking for a free phone number or an alternative to your phone’s SMS and voice call features, Google Voice and Hangouts can be a good choice.