How Much a PSP Costs: Looking at the Prices in UK Stores

If you’re a fan of retro gaming, you might be interested in purchasing a PSP or PS Vita. However, the prices of these consoles might shock you. James, a YouTuber, recently visited a store called CEX in the UK, which specializes in secondhand gaming products. He was surprised to see how pricey these consoles have become, especially the PSP.

Two years ago, James bought a PSP go from CEX for £35, which was a reasonable price. However, when he visited the store recently, he found that the prices of PSPs had skyrocketed. For instance, a PSP was on sale for £1050, which is a staggering amount. Even the PlayStation Vita, which James had bought for £60, was selling for £90 at CEX.

James also noticed that the PSP Street was priced at £55, which was £65 more than what he had paid for his PSP go two years ago. Another PSP was priced at £450, and there was a PS Vita for sale at £480. James found these prices to be exorbitant, especially since the consoles were getting older.

However, James advises that you don’t have to pay these high prices for a PSP or PS Vita. You can find cheaper options on eBay, where you can bid on auctions or look for consoles that are ending soon. For example, James found a PSP go for sale at £21, which was a lot better than paying £50 at CEX. Additionally, you can check the condition of the console online and even buy replacement housings if needed.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy a PSP or PS Vita, it’s best to avoid the high prices at stores like CEX. Instead, check out eBay for cheaper options. Retro gaming might be popular, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune for a console.