How Many Watts Does a 4K TV Use?

If you’re wondering how much power your 4K TV consumes, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about this, given the rising cost of electricity. In this article, we’ll take a look at the power consumption of a 50-inch LED smart TV.

The model we’ll be testing in this post is the JVC 50-inch LED 4K smart TV. We’ll be measuring the voltage with a kilowatt meter, which is already set up.

When we plugged in the TV, it drew a small amount of power, probably for the IR and power module. With the TV off, the power usage was negligible. When we switched it on with the remote, the power consumption jumped to almost 100 watts. It crossed over by a little bit and reached a maximum of 102 watts.

We noticed that the fire stick was connected to the TV, which was drawing an extra watt or two. When we switched over to the Chromecast, there was a significant decrease in power usage. This was surprising since we expected the Chromecast to consume more power than the fire stick.

We switched back to the fire stick and found that it was actually drawing the high wattage. It was quite surprising, and we recommend powering your Amazon HD fire stick directly to the plugs instead of using the USB ports.

If you’re using just the Chromecast, this 50-inch LED TV will only consume about 75 watts of power. We also measured the amperage and found that it used 0.63 amps on average.

In conclusion, the power consumption of a 4K TV depends on the model and whether it is on or off. It’s essential to check the power usage of your TV to save on electricity bills.