How Many Stops Can You Add on Lyft?

You can only specify a final destination and one stop along the way. The good news is that you can add a stop to your route even after the Lyft driver picks you up.

Are you someone who frequently uses Lyft to get around? Do you sometimes need to make multiple stops during your ride? If so, then you’re in luck! In this guide, we’ll show you how to add multiple stops to your Lyft ride.

First and foremost, launch the Lyft app on your phone and enter your pick-up location. You can either type it in or use your location services to get a more precise location. Once you’ve done that, you can choose to add a destination or add a stop by tapping the plus icon.

You’ll then have the option to choose whether you want to reach your destination first or make a stop along the way. You can add as many stops as you need and arrange them in any order you like.

After you’ve added your stops, you’ll be able to see them in between your pick-up location and final destination. You can also select a pickup time, choose your transit options, and even add a note for your driver if necessary.

Once you’ve selected your options, confirm and request your ride as usual. And that’s it! Adding multiple stops to your Lyft ride is that simple.

We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to add multiple stops on Lyft. Remember, you can add as many stops as you need and arrange them in any order you like. So the next time you need to make multiple stops during your ride, you know exactly what to do!


How do I add more than 3 stops on Lyft?
Tap Set pickup to start booking a ride.Tap Add destination to put in your first stop.Tap the plus button that appears next to the address you just added.Tap Add destination to put in your second stop.More items...•
How many stops can you put in Lyft?
With Lyft, you can only add one stop to any trip. Other ride-sharing companies, such as Uber, allow you to enter up to two stops to each trip. However, one-stop helps to protect your driver's time while accommodating your needs. Remember to keep your stop as quick as possible as a courtesy to your driver.
Can Lyft have multiple stops?
Changes to the address or multiple stops If passengers want to change their drop-off location or add a stop, they can update it in the app during the ride. The app alerts you when a passenger adds a stop or changes their drop-off location. Rides with added stops will likely be longer and result in higher earnings.
Can you add multiple stops on Uber or Lyft?
Need to make a quick stop? Whether you're running an errand or dropping off a friend, you can add up to 2 extra stops along your route.