How Many Devices Can You Use with YouTube TV?

You can use YouTube TV on up to three devices at the same time. Note that watching YouTube TV on a computer and a mobile device at the same time counts as two of the three available devices. Was this helpful?

If you’re considering signing up for YouTube TV, one of the questions you may have is how many devices you can use at the same time. In this post, we’ll break down exactly how many streams you get with your YouTube TV subscription and compare it to the competition.

With YouTube TV, you can have up to three concurrent streams at the same time. This means that three people can watch different shows or channels on different devices simultaneously. It’s important to note that this is different from the number of registered accounts you can have on the same subscription. With YouTube TV, you can have up to six total accounts on one subscription.

Having more registered accounts is beneficial because each account can customize their experience. For example, each person can DVR their favorite shows, channels, and TV shows, making the viewing experience tailored to their preferences. However, since there are only three concurrent streams, someone may not be able to watch if all three streams are already in use.

Compared to other streaming services, YouTube TV’s three concurrent streams are average. Sling TV’s orange and blue package combined offers four streams at once, PlayStation Vue has five total, DirecTV Now has two, and Hulu TV has one. Some of these services offer additional streams for an extra fee, but YouTube TV’s three concurrent streams come standard with the base package.

In addition to the three concurrent streams, YouTube TV allows you to watch on a variety of devices, including your iPhone, Android device, iPad, tablet, PC, Mac, and Chrome browser. You can also watch on some devices that you can hook up to your TV, such as the Chromecast.

Overall, if you’re looking for a streaming service that offers multiple concurrent streams, YouTube TV is a solid option. With three concurrent streams and up to six registered accounts, you can customize your viewing experience and share the subscription with family or friends.


Does YouTube TV limit the number of devices?
Your membership includes up to 3 simultaneous streams. For an additional monthly charge, our 4K Plus add-on unlocks unlimited streams at home, so you can watch YouTube TV on as many compatible screens as you want.
What does 6 accounts mean on YouTube TV?
Yes, your YouTube TV membership comes with 6 accounts to share with roommates or family members in your household. (Ages 13 and up.) Everyone gets their own login, personalized content recommendations, and individual DVR Library.
Can I watch YouTube TV at 2 different houses?
Can you watch YouTube TV in multiple locations? Yes, you can watch YouTube TV in multiple locations. However, you'll have to check in at your Home Area at least every three months in order to see your local networks.
Can you share YouTube TV in different houses?
Yes, you can add family members from another home to a family group you've already created and enjoy YouTube TV with them. Each member of the family will have a unique login and profile, and they can each stream YouTube TV from their own places.4 days ago