How Long Does Google Takeout Take: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your export request can take a few minutes to several days to process, depending on the type of data, how much data you're exporting, and how many people are using the tool at the same time.

Google Takeout is a useful tool for downloading files from your Google account, saving them, and then using them in another Google account. This is particularly helpful if you are leaving one organization or school and going to another, but you don’t know when you’ll have access to your new account.

To get started, go to and specify which files you want to save. Some options may not be relevant to you, so choose the ones you actually use. You can also include advanced options for Google Drive, such as named published and uploaded versions and additional information for files and folders.

Once you’ve chosen your options, hit “Next Step” and export the files. You can choose to have the information sent to you via email or added to Drive, OneDrive, or Box. It’s important to note that if you’re leaving an organization, you should download the information quickly before you lose access to your current account.

When the export is ready, you’ll receive an email from Google with a link to download the files. You’ll need to verify your identity by entering your password, and then you can download the zip file.

To move the information to a different Google account, you’ll need to upload the zip folder to Drive. If you can’t upload the folder directly, you can extract the contents and upload the specific files you need. Once you’ve uploaded the files, you’ll be able to access them in your new account.

Remember to use Google Takeout before you lose access to your current account, and store the zip file securely until you have your new account issued by your new school or organization. With these steps, you can easily transfer your files and data to a new account without losing any important information.


How do I check Google Takeout progress?
Sign in to your Google Admin console. Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in the left, click Reporting Audit and investigation. Takeout log events.
How reliable is Google Takeout?
Google Takeout is safe to use, provided you don't have a security risk on your end. Google looks to see if your actions seem risky. Google protects your account by delaying your actions or making them unavailable. It then sends you a warning email.
How long do Google photo exports take?
Depending on how much data you're pulling, it could take hours or even days for Google to compile everything and make it available. Once the export is ready, you'll receive an email to that Google Account letting you know that the export is ready for download.
Why is Google Takeout so slow?
This problem can occur due to multiple reasons such as file size or heavy folders. Moreover, Google Takeout is associated with MBOX file format, which is also a problem for most of the users who are using email clients that does not supports MBOX file format.