How is 5G Installed: Behind the Scenes of Small Cell Site Deployment

The demand for small cell site deployment is increasing drastically as we move towards 5G. In a typical month, about 50 small cell sites are installed, which is where a team of professionals comes in to ensure that the installation process is smooth and efficient.

Telecom installation is no easy feat- it’s like a puzzle piece where every site has its own unique challenges. Nowadays, there are multiple radios, dual-band radios, and multiple antennas from 4G to 5G, all on the same site. This is where the team comes in to accept the challenges head-on. They put up the mount, run the conduit, put up the transector, run the wire, and everything else into the panel, making everything look not just good but 100.

The end result is to get these sites built for 5G and get them 5G ready. When there are no issues, it saves a lot of time and money for clients and the team. Link validation is a crucial part of the process because it ensures that there is a full path from the site all the way back to the hub, and that the equipment is working correctly.

One of the most notable aspects of the telecom team is that most of their crews are local. They care a lot about working locally and not having to travel, which makes them care even more about what they do. They are dedicated to ensuring that every closeout of a site is done to perfection.

The closeout package includes measurements of equipment, an overview of the equipment, and how it’s installed to make sure everything looks uniformed and proper. Testing is crucial, as it improves the deployment process. If anything is missed during the testing process, the team will have to head back to the site, spend more time fixing the issue, and figure out what went wrong.

Nothing makes the team happier than receiving a call from a satisfied customer, thanking them for a job well done. It’s what motivates them to wake up every day and come to work. They love their job and the company, and it’s evident in their work.

In conclusion, the installation of small cell sites is complex, but the team’s dedication and passion ensure that the process is done efficiently. From running wires to testing equipment, they are committed to ensuring that everything is done right the first time. With their expertise, we can look forward to the 5G revolution taking place.