How Does Renting Xbox One Games Work?

Xbox Game Pass has been making headlines this January with Ubisoft bringing its subscription service to Xbox and the launch of Rainbow Six Extraction on day one on Xbox Game Pass. If you’re wondering how great of a deal Xbox Game Pass truly is, a little cost comparison can help.

If you were just to pay for Game Pass Ultimate month-to-month for the entire year of 2021, you would have spent $180. However, if you purchased all 37 games that were available on Game Pass in 2021, the grand total would be $1213. That’s a saving of over a thousand dollars!

This means that owning a cell phone, tablet, PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or Xbox One and having Xbox Game Pass is a must-have. For those who say that Xbox people don’t buy games, the answer is that they don’t have to. Xbox Game Pass offers a great deal that saves you money.

If you don’t have an Xbox console and you’re looking for one that’s going to be an ultimate Game Pass banger, you can click or tap on the screen to learn more. There’s no need to subscribe or watch a video to find out how renting Xbox One games works. All you need is an Xbox console and Xbox Game Pass to start saving money.